Mic Johnson Blog Post: Keep Watering!

Here’s the link: http://www.bluegurus.com/geninfo/keep-watering/

Key takeway verbatim: “Whether it’s going to the gym regularly, reconnecting with people in business, reaching out to friends or family you haven’t seen or talked to in awhile, or something as simple as watering the lawn….nothing grows without love, care, and effort…don’t give up…don’t put it off….instead, keep watering….”

Planting seeds. Watering. It’s all important! Don’t give up!

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and goodbye July, hello August!

The Magic Email: How to create an email that gets the attention of C-level decision-makers.

Happy Monday to you!

I’m honored and humbled to be written about by John Stevenson, CEO of ClientKudos.

Below is Sunday’s Snippet that he wrote and highlighted me! Thanks John!

Here’s the link to the article and site: http://clientkudos.com/the-magic-email-the-sunday-snippet-7-14-13/

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and hope your summer is swell!

The email Inbox is the dashboard for our personal and professional lives. It’s also a busy place where “To Read” or “Not To Read” decisions are made in a matter of a few seconds — at most. – See more at: http://clientkudos.com/the-magic-email-the-sunday-snippet-7-14-13/#sthash.2H22iL17.dpuf


The email Inbox is the dashboard for our personal and professional lives. It’s also a busy place where “To Read” or “Not To Read” decisions are made in a matter of a few seconds — at most.

ray ruecker

            Ray Ruecker

Writing and designing an email that gets opened and read involves a bit of art and science. Whether you’re trying to build support for your idea, your cause, or your business, it pays to know what works.

My friend and colleague, Ray Ruecker, the founder and managing director of Connect 5000 knows about writing emails that gain attention and secure meetings. Leads are important, but meetings are critical for further qualification and opportunity development. Ray’s firm helps technology companies all over the country set meetings with decision-makers.

Ray’s method for setting meetings begins with a very effective email formula that he’s been kind enough to share with business owners and job-seekers who attend his regular seminars on the topic.  I’ve used Ray’s email template successfully in my own business. In fact, I call it the Magic Email and share it as often as I can with fellow entrepreneurs.

You’ll need to tailor it to your own business and industry, but here are the key elements of the Magic Email:

  1. Attention-Getting Subject Line. You need to arouse curiosity. Ray often recommends “Should we talk?” or “Noticed your LinkedIn profile.”
  2. Start with the problem. We’re all in constant problem-solving mode so this is a good way to engage. “Paying too much for car insurance?” speaks to our expense reduction challenges immediately.
  3. State your Why. Be short, sweet, and to-the-point on your fix for the problem. “We help you speed up buying decisions and reinforce great client relationships.”
  4. Mention clients, accomplishments and results. This provides social proof. “We’re trusted by some of the world’s best companies including Ford, IBM, and Procter & Gamble. We’ve helped them gain thousands of new customers.”
  5. Ask for the meeting. You need to finish strong and ask for a specific time to talk. “I have some ideas about how we can increase your pipeline and shorten your sales cycle. Would you have time to talk on Friday at 9 or 11?”

The Magic Email template will go a long way in helping you rise above the noise, and can result in a 2 to 10 percent response rate. However, if you really want to boost your meeting rates, you’ll need to follow up by phone as well.

Ray’s advice for leaving a great voicemail:  use the talking points of your Magic Email.

Need another set of eyes to look at your Magic Email? Send it over and I’ll give you an idea or two for tuning it up. If you’d like to see the Magic Email that I use for my business, simply drop me a note and I’ll shoot it over.

Have a great week.

– See more at: http://clientkudos.com/the-magic-email-the-sunday-snippet-7-14-13/#sthash.2H22iL17.dpuf

The Dog Days of Sales Prospecting During the Summer!

As you probably know already, executives are tough to get a hold of.

Throw in summer when most people legitimately take a vacation, and it makes these prospects even more elusive to catch.

In June, I made 185 calls, spoke to 18 prospects and set up 12 sales meetings.  My response rate was 6.49%. (12 meetings / 185 sales calls, not dials!)

Disclaimer: I own the company so I wear multiple hats so sales is not my full time responsibility. I have other staff and clients. Read more

Now What Was It That I Was Trying To Remember?

I came across this quote recently:

“The dullest pen is sharper than the brightest mind” – Unknown

How true!

I came across a calendar meeting on Tuesday that I wasn’t quite sure the details on.

I did a search on my laptop and found the same email address on June 6. Read more

Moment by Moment Awareness Tracking

My wife and I had dinner with an old family friend of hers Wednesday night.

We talked about various subjects but Jack shared how he lost 40 pounds or so.

I asked him how he did it. He told us that he uses www.myfitnesspal.com to track his calories and exercise.

So I went home and signed up for an account myself. I used calorieking.com in the past and when I tracked what I put in my mouth, I somehow lost weight because it was a great accountability tool and it sucked having to type in that I just had a Big Mac from McDonald’s.

The funny thing was that I believe I lost weight because I was more aware of what I ate for meals and snacks and I became more selective over time.

Yesterday was my first day of inputting information into the site. I logged my weight, exercise, and how many calories I consumed.

I overate by 700 plus calories. Yikes! Read more

I fell for it: Hook, Line, and Sinker!

I’m back from vacation! It was nice to break routine, get out of my schedule, and get out of my comfort zone a bit.

Hawaii is beautiful but probably not ideal to travel long flights with 2 young kiddos.

While I was in Hawaii, we hit a souvenir shop in Lihue. My father in law and sister in law were looking for clothing and I was people watching. There was jewelry as well being sold in part of the store.

I made the mistake of lingering at the jewelry area and a salesperson came up to me and said, “Would you like to grab a key and see if you can open the treasure chest and win a prize?” Read more

Did Your Prospect Disappear Down A Black Hole?

Sales Scenario:

You reach out to a prospect, engage and they ask for a proposal.

You follow back up with them and they disappear.

Multiple emails and voicemails go unreturned.

How can we minimize this? Read more

Scary, Yet Interesting Sales Statistic

I just finished Tina Forsyth’s book, “The Entrepreneur’s Trap” lat night on my Barnes and Noble “Nook”.

Short and quick read but good valuable information inside the book about how to put processes and systems in place so that the company doesn’t depend on the owner to keep going.

The less the company relies on the owner, the more valuable the company is.

Tina referenced a sales statistic that I knew intellectually but still moved by it emotionally:

These statistics were taken verbatim from the book “Conquer the Chaos“.

Read more

Another Reminder To Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full!

Happy June to you!

I have a technology client that does $20M in revenue.

A press release went out recently that a $3B company expressed a non-binding intent to acquire my client.

Happens all the time.

Connect 5000 will probably lose this client once the merger becomes official. Read more

Priceless: Seeing Your Clients In Person!

On Sunday, I flew from Kansas City to Los Angeles International airport and saw a client of mine in person.

We’ve partnered together since January of 2013.

Sunday night, the CEO of the company and his wife picked me up and we grabbed dinner on the Pier in Redondo Beach. We had a nice, relaxing, and unrushed dinner. I heard first hand how the CEO and his wife built the company from scratch and today they have over 100 employees. I shared with him how I’ve slowly but surely built my firm. Read more