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Marketing Partner Spotlight

Happy Wednesday everyone! Last week, I visited with the wonderful Contact Science team in St. Louis. I live in Kansas City, one of them lives in St. Louis and the other resides in Tennessee. I’m glad we all drove since the FAA grounded all plans that Wednesday morning. So we met in the middle and […]

Happy December: Part II

Happy Holidays everyone! Here’s a follow-up video that Addie Kate, my marketing and social media manager, put together of our time training. Cheers and Blessings! I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000.    

Happy December!

“The days are long but the years are short.” – Unknown How true! 11 months down, 1 remaining in 2022. Yikes! I was in the Atlanta metro this past June visiting team members. I hadn’t met some of the newer members plus I needed to do some in-person training, so I flew out Thursday and […]

Happy Labor Day!

At Connect 5000, we use Apollo.io to generate lists to obtain contact data for names, email addresses, and phone numbers to fill the top of the funnel for software and tech firms. It’s cost-effective and decently accurate. Here’s a link to try it out yourself: https://apollo.grsm.io/8e0xgousct18 Happy Labor Day everyone! (Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/event-banner-advertising-marketing-1566733/)  

Friday Lunch and Yak Session

Happy Saturday everyone! Every now and then, Connect 5000 gathers together via Zoom over lunch and gets to know each other better without talking about work stuff. Because everyone is remote and isolation can occur, it’s beneficial to huddle up and get to know colleagues better, so we did Friday afternoon. It helps build relationships […]

The Traveling Roadtrip Continues

Happy Sunday everyone! And the flights and travel continue! As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I visited Seattle and Portland over Memorial Day weekend with my family. 2 days later I flew with a colleague to Atlanta to visit the Southern Region Team and meet reps who I hadn’t met in person yet. 2 […]

The Southern Region Team of Connect 5000

Happy Saturday everyone! As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently did a family vacation to Seattle and Portland and flew back. 2 days later, Tiffany Miller, my Director of Operations, and I flew to Atlanta to see some Southern Region team members we’d never met in person. We had planned to back in […]