Sample Voicemail #4 While Prospecting or Cold Calling for Sales

Here’s sample #4 for your use to tailor for your own company:

“Hello _____, Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000. I’m following up on an email I sent your recently. We generated over 120 meetings in 6 months for a company like yours. If your sales reps struggle setting up meetings with new prospects, please call me back at _____. Again my phone number is _____.”

For your company, explain what your accomplished in 1 sentence. If you can’t you need to refine your message.

Other samples:

“We lowered a company’s turnover rate by 5.6% in 7 months for a company like yours. If this is a current challenge and priority for you, please call me back at _____.”

“We reduced a company’s inventory expenses by 8.9% over 9 months for a company like yours. I don’t know if you’re currently evaluating services like this, but if you are, please call me back at _____.”

Don’t use round numbers. It’s too salesy and too slick. Use real metrics. They come across as more believable!

Hope this helps folks!


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